Emblem is a conceptual branding and design studio creating a more beautiful world through intelligent, innovative visual communication and user experiences. Founded by California based Visual Designer Ethan Keller, the studio specializes in brand identity, brand systems, proprietary color schemes, and unique typographic formulas.

Emblem excels in visual storytelling, using every keystroke and pixel to communicate the remarkable. The ability to construct fresh, intuitive design systems for any platform sets Emblem apart, and its capacity to facilitate client teams with agility and scale consistently delivers revolutionary work. Passionate about big, bold, modern design, the studio crafts the future for the most ambitious brands in the world. Stories are unfolding everywhere; Are you ready to start telling yours?




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Our clients choose their level of engagement and we adapt—whether hands-on, embedded in the team or through scheduled check-ins. Whatever the structure, our key advantage is our ability to derive the vision of your company, unravel your brand, and provide a solution that resonates with your internal stakeholders and external audiences.




Often, clients have a general idea of their brand and identity but it lacks refinement or uniqueness. We bring clients through a simple but purposeful process to get to the core of your identity and what’s best for your business. We often help clients with naming, tone of voice and positioning. Our special sauce is what we refer to as 'defining territories’, which gives us a clear path to understanding how your audience will and should receive your brand. Added benefit: This process also streamlines the creative work ahead.




At this stage, we have a crystal clear view of your brand values and the core of who your company is. Now, we kick it into high gear with visual design. This process usually starts with a proprietary set of moodboards to help streamline the overall vision, make sure we’re on the same page, and limit extra clicks of the mouse at the design stage.




You’ve seen a round or two of creative work and had time to reflect on how your brand is starting to take shape. As we build one phase on another, you’ll begin to see your brand take certain form. Transparency between your team and ours is crucial at this stage, allowing us to be as efficient as possible in how to tweak and tailor with consideration and care.




Your brand now has a face to go with the name, as we move onto the brand expression and design system. Here, we develop a language for your brand: A conceptual color palette, typography, stylistic photography, icons, and supporting graphic elements all intended to set your in-house teams and vendors up for success and building your new brand with a standardized toolkit.




It’s go time! Now that your brand is fully formed, it’s time to put it into action. From launch campaigns to implementing your brand across internal, external, product, and digital channels, we help develop the strategy that makes the most impact and makes the most sense for your audiences.


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