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I'm Ethan Keller, Brand Designer & Creative Director. I specialize in building design systems. Design systems are much more than just a custom logo, it's the choreography between all the individual design elements that perform in unison that makes your brand electrifying.

Whether it's refined letterform characteristics in your logo, to bold, unique color combinations that define your brand palette, to beautiful custom crafted icons or illustrations. Telling a visual story that is considered from every keystroke & pixel is essential to being remarkable in this digital age. Holistic, thoughtful design systems are my favorite things to create, let's invent something together!


I've been building & designing the future of brands for the last 15 years. In the most recent ones, I've lead innovative design teams in New York City & Seattle. My experience has brought clients such as; Google Creative Lab, Nike, Microsoft, Samsung, CocaCola, Bose, Major League Soccer, Yahoo!, Vevo & Bulletproof Coffee to name a few. I have also had the privilege of designing & creative directing a handful of future vision videos for multiple tech giants and one feature film.

I'm currently running Emblem from the west coast, primarily from, Seattle, San Francisco & Los Angeles. Inspired by creating answers that solve the hard problem, Emblem brings innovative solutions to every challenge. With a passion for big, bold, modern design, I love to define the future for the most passionate & ambitious brands in the world.


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