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We are a Seattle-based branding & design studio. We are makers. We strive to create a more beautiful world through smart, useful visual communication & user experiences.

We craft our teams with our clients' projects, scale & goals in mind. We're nimble like that. Staying small allows us to move fast & react quickly. Bottom line: you get fresh, smart work without paying for a bloated big-agency team. This allows us to create and collaborate at lightning speed. Which is great if you like lightning.


We love solving the hard problem. We tell that story–the kernel of who you are–in plain, beautiful letters and images. We make sure it burrows deep into the mind of your audience and stays there, like a seed, just waiting to grow.

App design 
Brand systems
Brand development
Digital / web design
Future vision videos
Logo design 
Motion graphics
UI / UX design



Ethan Keller
Ethan has been designing the future for the last 15 years, and Emblem is the next step on that path. He has spent most of his career creating and evolving some of the world’s most exciting and recognizable brands—T-Mobile, Nike, Google, Microsoft, Vevo, Yahoo! and Major League Soccer. He’s seen the power that great design has to transform businesses and turn ideas into movements. Founding Emblem, his mission is to make sure that every person and every brand can tap into that power.  

Chris Edwards
Chris specializes in creating ultra-premium graphic and motion design experiences. He’s spent the last 11 years at companies both tiny and gigantic, where he has honed an astute ability to collaborate, problem solve, and find the “aha nugget” that transforms a complex challenge into a stunningly beautiful solution. At Emblem, he tackles the hairy challenges involved in reverse engineering great design and codifying it into an interface that is drop dead simple to use.

Jason Donnette
Jason is the rare breed of engineer that thinks about design as much as he does code. Imagine a UX designer with massive Full Stack chops, and you can see why he’s an ideal fit to build digital brand experiences from scratch. He is fast, efficient, and about as full-stack a developer as you’ll find anywhere. He balances an uncanny ability to find the shortest line between idea and execution with an instinctual grasp of what it will take to make those solutions bulletproof at any scale.


Athletics (Brooklyn) – Co:Collective – Doubleday & Cartwright – GhostRobot – Google Creative Lab – Hornall Anderson – JP Morgan (Global Brand Group) – Landor NYC – LifeIsLottery – Microsoft – Nike – Red Antler – R/GA NYC – Samsung Think Tank Team – Workaround Group – WorkingNotWorking – Yahoo! Global Brand