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We had the privilege of working on the recent Microsoft Vision Video targeted at the year 2024. This piece was created to give customers and partner brands a glimpse into the future at how emerging technologies could transform the way we get things done. We follow two main characters as their stories blend thanks to the power of friction-free digital experiences.


A large portion of the work we put into this video was inventing the various hardware concepts we needed to help visualize our interaction story. We covered a serious amount of ground when it came to the range of devices we created. Augmented reality diving masks, flexible tablet notebooks, digital bracelets, and biometric sensing earbuds are just a few notable devices. Each device required a unique interaction method that was all orchestrated to work together using one single interaction model that we developed.


The amount of visuals we produced for this video rivals that of many major motion pictures. In a matter of months, we developed entire visual and interaction languages that were projections of what the Microsoft design language could become in 10 years. We also developed an interaction model that transitioned to nearly every single device, which meant we had to invent interaction methods for many of these scenarios.

Night Market


Co-Working Space

Home Life


Adaptive Team Environment


Created in collaboration with the fine folks of the MSFT Envisioning Team: Thomas Ham, Alanna MacGowan, Anton Andrews, William Robbins, David Jones, Harold Becker, Sam Ladner, Beth Novak, Royal Galatic Media